Salsero®, the new dimension of sitting in motion

SIMPLY INGENIOUS: The seating surface of the Salsero® is freely positioned  on a ball being controlled by two specially engineered bearings. The ball and   the seating surface are secured with a cuff formed of a tearproof net tube connecting the lower bearing shell at the base plate with the upper bearing      shell at the bottom of the seating surface. A ring made of natural rubber at the base plate gently limits the seat’s tilt.

This fundamentally distinguishes the Salsero® health chair from all other ergonomic sitting devices and represents a new generation of active and dynamic sitting.

This patented system uniquely allows the seating surface to move freely and nearly without friction. The seat can simultaneously rotate, incline and slide sideways in all directions.
If required, the maximal tilt angle can be reduced by inserting an additional wooden ring which can be positioned underneath the natural rubber ring.

With the seat’s unique freedom of movement close to the spine, the smallest body impulses can be transmitted to the sitting surface. You will experience a pleasant and free sitting experience.

Salsero®: Nothing moves you better! Healthy sitting that is fun!