Health Benefits and Effects

Salsero® for the sake of your health!

Whether at home, in the office, at the desk or while making music: The Salsero® health chair strengthens your back, improves your body awareness and your coordination. Sitting on the Salsero® effectively trains the important group of deeper layered muscles by keeping them constantly active to stay in balance. Furthermore, the Salsero® automatically encourages mobile and active, dynamic sitting. Trough rotating and tipping of the pelvis you mobilize your spine and simultaneously strengthen the important supportive muscles including the deep spinal muscles. Your spinal discs are thereby relieved of static and unhealthy pressure.

Salsero® restores your balance! 

By sitting on the Salsero® health chair you automatically assume an upright posture which is healthy for your back. In an ingenious, simple way, the seating surface positioned on a ball, causes your body to align itself toward the center and find its equilibrium. This leads to a very pleasant and free sitting position, since the body remains in a powerful balance. As soon as your body posture leaves this balance point, the muscles correct for the effect of gravity so that you don’t tip over. Rebalancing causes your muscles to work more which is experienced as less pleasant. Trying to avoid that extra work your body posture automatically corrects and realigns itself right away. You sit upright, your appear stronger and more self-confident!

Salsero® moves body, mind and soul! 

Sitting actively and dynamically on the Salsero® starts with awareness. Because of the movable seating surface, you sit more consciously with more body composure, which is healthy for your back and also, you get up in a way that is good for your back. You are more concentrated and more awake. When you sit dynamically, you think dynamically! Playfully you relearn forgotten patterns of moving. Dance Salsa while sitting. Salsero®, healthy sitting that is fun and liberating body, mind and soul!